Wildlife Demonstrations in Queensland

Exhibiting animals in Queensland whether it is for birthday parties and private events, educational wildlife shows or public animal exhibits, a wildlife demonstrator or exhibitor requires a license or permit under the Exhibited Animals Act 2015 (EAA) to exhibit most native wildlife or non-indigenous animals in:

  • zoos
  • wildlife parks
  • mobile exhibits
  • private events such as birthday parties, reptile shows etc
  • circuses
  • magic acts
  • film or television productions.

These licences and permits allow wildlife demonstrators to exhibit and deal with these animals.

In Queensland, wildlife demonstrators are required to manage the risks associated with animal welfare, biosecurity and safety and be able to demonstrate that they are meeting their general exhibition and dealing obligations to animals in their care. The animals they exhibit are protected by animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental protection laws.

Always ensure when hiring a wildlife demonstration company that it has all relevant permits and are licensed to exhibit these animals in a professional and safe manner.

For a complete list of animals that can be exhibited, please visit https://www.business.qld.gov.au/industries/farms-fishing-forestry/agriculture/exhibiting-animals/exhibiting-animals-qld/categories .

For information on animals we exhibit please contact us.