Shopping Centres, Markets, Fetes and Fairs

Here at N&S Wildlife Demonstrations have one of the largest Reptile Displays we bring our zoo to you for any special occasions, School Fetes, Fairs, Markets, Shopping centres or any kind of event that may be in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast and any surrounding areas.

How exciting would it be to have a wildlife reptile display? What a better way to bring in a huge crowds for your next store opening or school fete/fair or any special event than with our amazing reptile display from amphibians, and invertebrates to snakes and lizards and lots more N&S Wildlife Demonstrations.

We bring our zoo to you. What ever the event, here at N&S Wildlife Demonstrations bring 8 to 13 animals with two staff hubby and wife team that can bring Australian Reptile’sfor your guests to get up close to view our displays of our beautiful and amazing Australian Reptile Display, its fun and educational, We will also have Snakes, Lizards out for everyone to get up close with and personal. Dont forget to bring your camera. On the day what animals we can bring with us are

Snakes | Crocodiles | Lizards | Skinks | Turtles | Monitors | Frogs | Gecko’s | Spiders
| Birds

Things you need to know:

  • Shade is preferred for our animals if weather is extremely hot a air conditioner room or hall will be needed.
  • 3m x3m display area set up on your premises if outside in a shaded area.
  • power site if available

Please contact Norman or Sally for prices 0415136941.
Travel time may apply depending on your location. Please contact N&S Wildlife Demonstrations if you like more information on 0415136941

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