School & Daycare Demos

Reptiles amphibians,birds and invertebrates for schools, daycares and vacation care in SE Q.L.D

We at N&S Wildlife Demonstrations Brisbane bring our zoo to you. We bring along 8 to 10 captive raised hand tame wildlife Animals,these fun loving reptiles amphibians,invertebrates and feather friends are amenable to handling so theres no better way to learn about our native wildlife with N&S Wildlife Demonstrations we offer educational fun filled facts and up close presentation with our animals. N&S Wildlife brings to you our friendly live native Australian animals, we offer talk shows about where the animals come from, what they eat, the importance of animals in the ecosystem, how reptiles grow and reproduce eggs or live birth, breeding seasons etc.
As we also are full time snake catchers in the Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan areas and known as N&S Snake Catcher’s we talk to the children about snake awareness and the what species of snakes we have in living here in Queensland and why snakes are so important to have living in Queensland.

Children and teachers will learn and get to touch and feel some of our Australia native animals.

We can perform in your school hall or classrooms for various age groups from preschool 3 years old to year 12.

We can cater just for Classroom talk show with live animals show go for 45 mins to 1hr.
We can cater in the School hall a live Reptile talk show this be three show’s
prep, year 1 and 2
grade 3 and 4
grade 5 and 6

please contact N&S Wildlife Demonstrations on 0415136941 for futher infomation.

We travel to schools, daycares and vacation care in the Brisbane , Ipswich , Logan, Beaudesert, and all around SE Queensland. Contact N&S Wildlife Demonstration on 0415136941 to book your show today.
Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast  please call Sally or Norman on 0415136941 for prices.

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