N&S Wildlife Demonstration's Macquarie River Turtle.

Meet Bruce – a Macquarie River Turtle (Emydura macquarii macquarii)

Bruce the Macquarie River Turtle is found throughout the Murray- Darling River drainage, Australia’s largest and is subject to considerable variation throughout its range. They are opportunistic omnivorous feeders with plants making up about 50% of their diets in adults, whiles juvenillea are mostly carnivorous, eating a balanced diet of meat and vegetables.

Children touching and interacting with a turtle and wildlife demonstration.

Meet Michael – Brisbane Short Neck Turtle (Emydura Maccquarii Signata)

Michelangelo the Brisbane Short Necked Turtle is commonly found in the Brisbane river drainage of south eastern Queensland and smaller waterways further south. They can grow quite large 30cm or more.

Children sitting circled around an Eastern Long Neck Turtle.

Meet Lucy – an Eastern long necked Turtle  (Chelodina Logicollis)

Lucy is an Eastern Long necked turtle is also know as the common long necked turtle or snake- necked turtle. These turtles are found in Eastern Australia and feed on fish, tadpoles, frogs, and crayfish.