Norman talking to a group of children while holding a Eastern Carpet Python at a school event in Brisbane.

Meet Bandy – Eastern Carpet Python (Morelia Spilt McDowelli)

Bandy the Carpet Python have a extremely variable colour and pattern and are found along East Coast of Australia and is widespread and found throughout northern, and southern Australia. They are Non venomous with over 100 teeth they can grow up to 4 meters and feed on Birds, rats, mice and mammals.

Sally and Norman holding a Blacked Headed Python at a school event in Brisbane.

Meet Elvis – a Blacked Headed Python (Aspidites Melanocephalus)

Elvis the Black Headed Python is found across the northern third part of Australia. They feed on reptiles including venomous snakes, and mammals it kills its prey by constricting. They are non venomous snake.

Birthday girl admiring a small snake Norman from N7S Wildlife demonstrations is holding.

Meet Arnie – Spotted Python (Antaresia Maculosa)

Spotted Pythons are found on the north- east to eastern coast of Australia from cape york in Queensland to Northern NSW. The spotted python grow to 75cm to 1 meter. Large specimens may reach 1.5 meters. They are non venomous snake and feed on small mammals, birds and lizards.

Norman and two children posing for the camera with an Olive Python at a reptile birthday party in Brisbane.

Meet Olive – Olive Python (Liasis Olivaceus)

Olive the Olive Python frequents rocky locations, mountain range, woodlands and to water courses, they are found in Australia in WA, NT and QLD. They are nocturnal and during the day will shelter in rock crevices and hollows. They are non venomous. This is Australia second largest snake species growing up to 4 meters.

N&S Wildlife Demonstration Brisbane's Jungle Python.

Meet Tarzan – Jungle Python (Morelia Spilota Cheynei)

Tarzan is a beautifully patterned snake. The Jungle Python is found in rainforests of the Atherton Table land, northeastern Queensland. All pythons are non-venomous, jungle pythons grow up to 2 meters. They eat mammals, birds, frogs and lizards they kill there prey by constricting.

A girl holding a a Stimson’s Python on her arm in Brisbane.

Meet Sandy – a Stimson’s Python (Antaresia Stimson)

Charlie is a Stimson’s Python. They are found in Australia across WA, NT, SA, NSW and QLD . It is generally associated with rocky outcrops. They are nocturnal and feed on frogs, reptiles birds and mammals. They are non venomous.