N&S Wildlife Demonstration Brisbane's Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo

Meet Tio – a Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo (Calyptrohynchus Banksii)

Tio is a stunning beautiful red-tailed black cockatoo native to Australia. Found in Western, Central. Northern and Eastern Australia, they feed on seeds, fruit, nuts and insects. They can live for more then 50 years.

Meet Jewel – a Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara Ararauna)

She is a member of the large group of neotropical parrots know as Macaws. These birds can reach a length of 76-86cm . She is a very bird and she not Native to Australia She comes from Tropical South America. Foods they eat are fruit and nuts. The blue-and-yellow macaw use its powerful beak for breaking nutshells and for climbing up and hanging from trees.So cool will she be to see at your next birthday party.